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Speed Control
“When audience members – in the middle of the performance – approach me and say, 'Please bring them back!' I take note – and that’s what was happening when I presented Speed Control this year. I started writing to their manager about next season while this season’s show was still underway. Such is the dynamic of these three talented, witty and energetic chaps.”- John Miller, Artistic Producer, Stratford Summer Music

Branded as real rock, Speed Control takes control of the stage with a power that will make you jump up and dance. This audience member said it best, “Speed Control isn’t just a rock band, they are a full on show!” Speed Control is vibrant onstage energy filled with smart humour, emotion and spirit.

Straight out of -40 degrees in Canada’s Yukon, Graeme Peters, brother Jody Peters, and Ian March formed the power trio Speed Control. The three members all come from jazz and classical backgrounds, turning to their true love - rock n’ roll. They are multi-instrumentalists, touring musicians and educators who love nothing more than to share their passion and knowledge of music in concerts, workshops, and residencies. Their newest offering is a one day camp for grown-ups, best team-building exercise ever.

In the past four years, they’ve played to from the east coast to the west coast and across northern Canada, hitting the west coast of the US in 2017. Performance highlights include Band-Aid at the Surrey Arts Centre; World Suicide Prevention Day Concert in Iqaluit; Folk on the Rocks Festival; the National Arts Centre’s Northern Scene and every concert they’ve played! They were finalists for Best New Group in the inaugural Searchlight Competition on CBC Radio with their song, “Tent City”.

Speed Control is set to release their third album soon! For a taste of the new tunes, check out the link to the live video link on this page.

Speed Control is sponsored by Yamaha Canada Music and Peak Fitness.

Our Arts Councils saw the enthusiasm and humour the guys brought to the stage and saw how that could work in their own communities in developing and expanding audiences.”
Kevin Korchinski, Executive Director, Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils

“We used Speed Control for a corporate event for our team. It was a great way for our team to practice working together, to push ourselves outside our comfort zone, and to have a lot of fun. I would highly recommend Speed Control for a company team building event.”
Steve Lux, Principal/Owner, Brighter Mechanical

“Speed Control’s infectious energy and positive message will be something kids will remember for their lifetime- a real key learning moment and experience for them.”
Steve Butterworth, Yamaha Canada Music

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Speed Control thanks Yamaha Music for their generous sponsorship:

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